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Espresso coffee machine

Espresso coffee machine
Espresso coffee machine


Many different styles of coffee can be made including espresso, cappuccino, latte and many more.  The steam nozzle allows you to fully control the amount of foam you want in your coffee.  Keeping the heat on top of the machine allows you to keep a cup of coffee warm while preparing to make other coffee, which is easy to use when served to guests.

 • Features:

 Automatic Steam Pressure Pump: 15 bar

 Maximum boiler capacity: 150ml

 - Steam pressure valve

 Various types of coffee can be made such as espresso, cappuccino, etc.

 - To warm the drinks

 - 1.6 liter removable transparent water tank

 - Aluminum coffee filter with safety lock and scale

 - Break the cup bowl.

 • Warranty: one year

 • Price: 35 OMR

32.00 OMR
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  • Model: 13
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