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Fruit juicer

Fruit juicer
Fruit juicer
Fruit juicer
Fruit juicer
Fruit juicer


Brand: Telionix


  • 4 in 1 juicer and mixer

  • Stainless steel - Slow start technology, longer engine life

  • 2 speeds with switch control - 2.2 liter very large pumas container

  • Stainless steel blades and filter bTasket

  • 1.0-liter juice jug

  • 1.0 liter mixer - container and mill glass chopper

  • 800-watt motor

  AC 220-240 50-60 Hz 800 W

  Warranty: 6 months


30.00 OMR
  • Stock
  • Model: 175

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