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عملاؤنا الكرام ...... الموقع حاليا قيد التطوير  و الصيانة  ..... نشكر لكم زيارتكم ولكن نعتذر عن استقبال طلباتكم في الوقت الحالي  

نتمى زيارتكم قريبا و لكم منا كل الحب و الاحترام 

Lamp reader Quran amplifier

Lamp reader Quran amplifier
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Lamp reader Quran amplifier


Features : 1. Run any Surah Al-Quran by pressing a button on the remote control   2. Running the Noble Qur’an word by word It is easy to learn the Quran in this way.   3. Turn on translation of the Qur’an. Choose your mother tongue to understand the meaning of the Quran.   4. MP3 audio playback. Support any MP3 audio files.   5.Hear the voice of the Qur’an and any translation together.   6.FM radio function and Bluetooth function.   7. Select Surat number by the number key on the remote control.   8. Automatic sleep   9. User-friendly design, high-quality sound   10. Smart remote control included   11. Select Surah or Qari / Reader from the remote control of your choice   12. The Qur'an can be chosen with or without translation by pressing the mode button, or starting listening   13. The word Quran is a word to understand the Qur’an easily   14. The feature allows you to combine the selection of your favorite reader with your selective translation, then you can listen to Arabic recitation and translation at the same time.
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