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Steam iron for clothes

Steam iron for clothes
Steam iron for clothes


Features :


 Steam in less than 3 minutes.

 ⠀ - Easy to fill in water.

 ⠀ - Big steam nozzles save water.

 قوي - Strong steam flow is light, compact and easy to store.

 مثالي - Ideal for travel when clothes are wrinkled in suitcases.

 ⠀ - Garment steamer suitable for travel.

 ⠀ - a power cord of about 1 meter long.

 آمنة - Safe for delicate fabrics.

 مصممة - Designed to fit into any bag.

 ⠀ - A transparent plastic window showing the water level.

 ⠀ - quickly overheats for fast use.

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