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عملاؤنا الكرام ...... الموقع حاليا قيد التطوير  و الصيانة  ..... نشكر لكم زيارتكم ولكن نعتذر عن استقبال طلباتكم في الوقت الحالي  

نتمى زيارتكم قريبا و لكم منا كل الحب و الاحترام 

Educational prayer rug

Educational prayer rug
Educational prayer rug



 • A rug designed to educate and teach children how to perform the prayer in a fun way.

 • Prayer rug that interacts with touch and contains keys that can be touched to detect sound such as prayer times, how to perform ablution, recite the fence, remember prayers and more.

 • Children learn about different times of prayer, different physical movements and positions, and what is said during them.

 • In order to facilitate the learning process, the rug will guide the child through two rests and using a simple formula to understand them.

 Warranty: 3 months

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