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Coffee Machine Espresso

Coffee Machine Espresso
Coffee Machine Espresso


  - Brand: Telionix


  You can work through the machine:

  • Espresso (plain coffee)

  • Cappuccino

  • Latte


  • Ice coffee

  Milk Chocolate

  • And much more ...

  • Controls the size of the milk foam you need as well as heating the milk for a short period of time.

  There are two options (1 Shot ☕️ + 2 Shot ☕️☕️) depending on the person's desire to focus the coffee

  There is an option to increase the percentage of water over coffee (????????)

  - Pump pressure power: 20 bar

  - tank capacity: 1.6 liters

  - Accessories:

  • Steel handle

  Two filters: one piece for one cup option and one for two cups when using

  Warranty: 1 year

  Price: 40 Omani Rial


40.00 OMR
  • Stock: Pre-Order
  • Model: 162
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