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Digital coffee grinder

Digital coffee grinder
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Digital coffee grinder


Brand: Saachi

 Saatchi coffee grinder suitable for coffee lovers.  It can also be used to grind spices.


  - Coffee bean holder capacity: 275 grams

  Ground jar capacity: 100g

  -40 mm stainless steel

  - 31 grinding settings providing high coarseness, espresso (instant coffee) and Turkish coffee.

  The size of the coffee grounds is less than 0.425 mm

 - The lower grinding speed reduces static and heat build-up

 - The anti-splash coffee powder system makes it easy to clean

 - Digital control panel

 Built in timer with a quantitative measurement system

  - Energy saving mode

 Overheat protection

  - Accessories include a cleaning brush

 • Warranty: 1 year

32.00 OMR
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  • Model: 284
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