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عملاؤنا الكرام ...... الموقع حاليا قيد التطوير  و الصيانة  ..... نشكر لكم زيارتكم ولكن نعتذر عن استقبال طلباتكم في الوقت الحالي  

نتمى زيارتكم قريبا و لكم منا كل الحب و الاحترام 

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Model: جهاز العاب به 400 لعبة من العاب الفيديو القديمة
Features : • 400 old family games are available • It can be linked to TV..
3.00 OMR
Lamp reader Quran amplifier
New 2-3 Days
Model: 134
Features : 1. Run any Surah Al-Quran by pressing a button on the remote control   2. Running the Noble Qur’an word by word It is easy to learn the Quran in this way.   3. Turn on translation of the Qur’an. Choose your mother tongue to understand the meaning of the Quran.   4. MP3 audio playbac..
8.00 OMR
Model: 145
Brand: Without brand Features: It is easy to write and draw and the fast remove feature..
3.00 OMR
loudspeaker for the Holy Quran
New 2-3 Days
Model: 101
FEATURES: • The Holy Quran with the voice of famous readers • The Holy Quran is translated into more than one language • Translation verse by verse • The Qur’an word for word • The full interpretation of the Holy Quran. (Phonetic) • FM radio and MP3 player • Easy and fast control by ch..
10.00 OMR
Mirror + telephoto lens + lighting
New 2-3 Days
Model: 130
For features: • Mirror with five times zoom lens + fan + lighting..
7.00 OMR
Model: 94
Brand: Basues Features : •Mobile fan with 3 fan power • Mounted in the car seat • It works on the USB Warranty: 6 months..
6.00 OMR
Model: 73
• Features: The product mainly consists of a natural surface active agent with fast penetration and cleaning property and strong dirt removal performance. Free from phosphorous and harmful organic solvents, remove vegetable and animal oils, lubricants, etc.  It can replace organic solvents like..
3.00 OMR
Multipurpose shaver
2-3 Days
Model: 196
- Brand: Geepas -Features: • Hair cutting head + beard cutting head + Smoothing head + nose / ear hair cutting head + with 4 combs for cutting hair (3mm. 6mm. 9mm. 12mm) + 1 comb for the shaving head tool • NI-CD 2X600mAh batteries • With charging stand • LED charging light • BS brush and ..
13.00 OMR
Model: 151
Features: • Strong pressure Quiet Noise Reduction Technology • Four massage attachments (circular, bullet, flat and fork) • Six speed settings up to 3,600 rhythms per minute • Lightweight design • Lithium battery ⠀ Warranty: 6 months..
16.00 OMR
Portable electric grill
2-3 Days
Model: 200
- Brand: Geepas -Features: • Size of the grill: 47 * 28 cm • On / off indicator light Automatic thermostat control • Cut the small key when taking the item under heating IPX4 (water resistance function) Internal or external use • Anti-rust and rust grill for healthy cooking • Remov..
22.00 OMR
Portable wallet
New 2-3 Days
Model: 193
Brand: Porodo Features: • Easy to store •Easy to carry • Waterproof..
6.00 OMR
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