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 Laser wireless for presentation
Model: 40
• Features: Laser pointer for presentations and slide control can be done on PowerPoint and more.• Price: 5 Omani Rial...
5.00 OMR
 old family games
Model: 135
Features : Old Family Games - 620 games - Two controllers Price: 8 OMR..
8.00 OMR
A piece to track lost things
Model: 58
• Features: The connection is via Bluetooth and the search can be done 10 meters away + small size + an alarm sounds when approaching..
3.50 OMR
Model: 108
Features: • Small size air freshener that can be placed anywhere..
2.50 OMR
Air humidifier
Model: 37
• Brand: Basues• Features: Light, air freshener and easy to move device• Warranty: 6 months• Price: 10 Omani Rial..
10.00 OMR
Model: 107
FEATURES: Backpack with phone port + anti-theft Note: To charge the phone you need a portable battery..
5.00 OMR
Model: بطاريات يعاد شحنها
Brand: Powerolgy Features: - Environmental friendly battery - Super powerful energy cells Recharged up to 1000 times Recharge it via the micro-cable Recharge the battery within one hour - The size of one battery is 450mAh AAA battery - 4 batteries..
9.00 OMR
Model: 217
Brand: Usams Features: Cooling drinks up to 0 ° C and heating up to 60 ° C Warranty: 6 months..
13.00 OMR
Model: 45
• Brand: Basues• Features: Shows accurate vision + can move it up to 360 degrees.• Warranty: 6 months..
4.50 OMR
Model: 258
Brand: Mcdodo Features: Accurately clarifies the vision + can move it up to 360 degrees...
3.50 OMR
Model: عدة للعناية الشخصية
Brand : Green..
6.50 OMR
New Pre-Order
Model: 300
Features : provides you with traditional coal bothers. You will shorten the time and effort available colour: Black note: only a picture of the presentation to explain and shape is identical to the product, only the operator is the place below and not as explained, the picture is not the picture...
9.00 OMR
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