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phone accessories

Model: 15
•Capacity: 32 GB, you can change any capacity you want in the future•Features: Provides an easy way to free up space on all devices + Connected to a Mac or computer You can transfer your belongings easily wherever you want + Supports devices with the Lightning, Micro and Type C port...
8.00 OMR
Model: 133
Brand: Basues Features: • Cut-resistant fabric • 20 Watt power • Micro cable supports fast charging Height: 1 meter Warranty: 6 months..
4.50 OMR
Model: 274
Features: - 2 meters long - Black color Warranty: 6 months..
3.50 OMR
Model: اكسسوارات الهاتف
• Brand: Goui• Features: Apple Certified + Inclusive Cut Fabric• Length : 1.5 meters• Warranty: one year..
10.00 OMR
Model: 169
Brand: Basues Features: • Cut-resistant fabric • Up to 60W of power is suitable for modern iPhone devices (iPhone 8 and above), Al Hawari and Samsung for fast charging Height: 1 meter Warranty: 6 months..
6.00 OMR
Fast wall charger
Model: 256
Brand: Porodo Features: * Type-C port for fast charging of 18W * Fast USB 3.0 amp Warranty: 6 months..
5.50 OMR
Flash Memory File Transfer for iPhone and Android devices
2-3 Days
Model: 114
Features: • Supports data transfer for iPhone and Android devices • Micro + Lightning port Available memory capacity: 32GB..
7.00 OMR
Glass protection for iPhone camera
Model: 83
Brand: Basues Available for iPhone: X, XS, XS MAX..
2.00 OMR
Glass protection for iPhone devices
2-3 Days
Model: 106
Brand: Turtle Brand Features : • Shatter-proof 3D glass Available for iPhone: 7 Plus, 6 Plus, 8 Plus, X, XS, XR, X Max..
4.50 OMR
Glass screen protection for iPhone
Model: 84
Brand: Blueo Available for iPhone: X, XS, 6,6s, 7,8 Note: For iPhone 8, 7, 6 and 6s, white is available to match the color of the device..
5.00 OMR
Grip2u cover
Model: اكسسوارات الهاتف
•Feature : Protects the phone from falling from a distance of 3 meters• Note: the volume is not original..
5.00 OMR
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