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AirPods Pro
Model: 234
Brand: Devia  3 hours playtime and 3 hours call time but with the charging box it can last up to 12 hours.  Lightweight and comfortable to use  Sound Quality: High quality microphone with professional design, noise reduction, and clear sound. Warranty: 6 months..
26.00 OMR
AirPods pro
2-3 Days
Model: 155
Brand: Porodo Features : Number of hours of talk: 3 hours Number of listening hours: 3-4 hours Supports wireless charging: Yes Warranty: 6 months..
27.00 OMR
Apple watch charger
Model: شاحن ساعة أبل
 Brand: Usams FEATURES: Apple Watch Charger Warranty: 6 months..
7.00 OMR
Model: 246
Brand: Powrology Features: - 1.2 meters long - Black and white color Made of fabric Warranty: 6 months..
7.00 OMR
AUX connection to lightning
Model: 105
Brand: Porodo Features: Connect the AUX to iPhone + cut-resistant + withstand 15,000 curves Height: 1.20 meters Warranty: 6 months..
6.00 OMR
Model: 107
FEATURES: Backpack with phone port + anti-theft Note: To charge the phone you need a portable battery..
5.00 OMR
Model: 82
Brand: Basues Features: • It provides protection for the device from the back • Does not hinder the installation of disbelief • Available for iPhone: X, XS, XR, XS MAX Note: The iPhone X and XS color glass is available in clear gray color..
4.00 OMR
Model: 123
Brand: RavPower Features: • Various sizes of mobile batteries, 3350mAh, 6700mAh and 10050mAh Warranty: 18 months..
25.00 OMR
Model: 279
Company: Porodo Color: black Features: Supports bluetooth connectivity  - Keyboard size: 28.6 cm x 12.3 cm x 2.1 cm Warranty: 6 months..
10.00 OMR
Model: 266
Brand:  Features: It can be linked to the phone or the iPad via Bluetooth black color Arabic keyboard..
7.00 OMR
Model: 46
• Brand: Basues• Features: Buttons for controlling games like PUBG and others.• Warranty: 6 months..
2.50 OMR
Cable charger for iphone
Model: 77
• Brand: Zendure• Height: 1 meter• Colors: Silver• Features: Anti-cut fabric + cable certified by Apple• Warranty: one year..
9.00 OMR
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