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عملاؤنا الكرام ...... الموقع حاليا قيد التطوير  و الصيانة  ..... نشكر لكم زيارتكم ولكن نعتذر عن استقبال طلباتكم في الوقت الحالي  

نتمى زيارتكم قريبا و لكم منا كل الحب و الاحترام 

New in Fashion

Brand: Romos FEATURES: 2 USB and 2.1 ports + Lightning Port + Micro Port + Type C port Available colors: white IPhone 6 charge: 11-12 times Wa..
24.00 OMR
Personal coolant
New 2-3 Days
Brand: no brand Specifications: - LED lighting for day or night mode Fan power control (low-medium-high) - More direction to air It can be ..
7.00 OMR
Brand: no brand * Specifications: Screen size: 2 inches Expandable memory type: MicroSD, up to 64 GB Degree: 170 ° Battery capacity: 900mAh..
20.00 OMR
Brand : no brand Available for : iphone 6,7,8,X..
2.00 OMR
Company: Porodo Color: black Features: 3 electrical ports + 5 USB ports support fast charging for one port + specific timing can be set for the ad..
8.00 OMR
Car chrager multiple use
New 2-3 Days
Brand: Porodo Features: A car socket that can be connected to Bluetooth via the phone to listen to music and others + Can answer phone calls + The p..
9.00 OMR
FEATURES: Leather wallet cover Available colors: black Available for: iPhone 6, 6S, 7, 8..
4.00 OMR


Lamp reader Quran amplifier
New 2-3 Days
Model: 134
Features : 1. Run any Surah Al-Quran by pressing a button on the remote control   2. Running the Noble Qur’an word by word It is easy to learn the ..
8.00 OMR
Model: 176
- Brand: Telionix -Features: • Fit for 2 slices • Non-stick plate • Smooth handle • The pressure is in an appropriate conservation..
11.00 OMR
Model: 115
Brand: Basues FEATURES: Speaker + SD card slot + alarm clock + hourly lighting Number of working hours: 40 hours Number of hours of pho..
13.00 OMR
Model: 192
Brand: Powerology Features: • Type-C car charger for PD technology and USB port • Fast charger cable for iPhone devices Warranty: ..
12.00 OMR
Model: 94
Brand: Basues Features : •Mobile fan with 3 fan power • Mounted in the car seat • It works on the USB Warranty: 6 months..
6.00 OMR
Model: 12
• Brand: TP-Link• Features: 300Mbps, Wi-Fi signal booster• Warranty: 6 months..
10.00 OMR
Model: 126
Features : • Tripod with remote control for phone and camera..
6.00 OMR
Model: 2
Features and specifications: Company: Basues * black color * Material made of: Aluminum * 2 USB port * Overheat protection an..
5.00 OMR

Top Sellers

Brand: Goui Features: * Velvet and elegant body design * Battery capacity of 10200 mAh. * Compact and stylish, with a velvety desi..
17.00 OMR
Features : • 400 old family games are available • It can be linked to TV..
3.00 OMR
Brand: RavPower Features: • Various sizes of mobile batteries, 3350mAh, 6700mAh and 10050mAh Warranty: 18 months..
25.00 OMR
loudspeaker for the Holy Quran
New 2-3 Days
FEATURES: • The Holy Quran with the voice of famous readers • The Holy Quran is translated into more than one language • Translation verse by ve..
10.00 OMR
Features: • Easy to store •Easy to carry..
5.00 OMR
• Brand: HP• Features : Beautifully and elegantly sized 6'15 inch bag.• Price: 6 OMR..
6.00 OMR
Brand: Telionix Features: • 4-liter mixer bowl Automatic shutdown of the system • Stainless steel • Available in 6 different speed..
35.00 OMR
Brand: Basues Features: • Cut-resistant fabric 18W power suitable for iPhone devices Height: 1 meter Warranty: 6 months..
5.00 OMR